Hangar 18

UFOs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base?

Legend has it that there is UFO debris and possibly even an alien corpse being stored in Hanger 18 located in Area B of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. For years, conspirators have accused the military of keeping this information hidden from the public, yet the US Air Force maintains that no such items exist, now or ever (Project Blue Book). The following pages will reveal the circumstances that fuel these accusations and details about how the legend began. The history of the base itself is vital to understanding the causes of such a theory.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base is located just northeast of Dayton, Ohio. It is one of the largest installations of the United States Air Force in existence. The base is the headquarters of the AFMC, Air Force Materials Command. The AFMC responsible for research and development of cutting edge technology that keeps the US Air Force armed with the latest technology and ready for war. The people of Wright Patterson work hard to ensure that they deliver award-winning technology that keeps the United States a respected aeronautical leader. With that, the base is always exploring new technology that can be utilized to make our weapons systems and aircraft bigger and better (“Inside WPAFB”).

The base was built in 1917 and is currently home to more than 60 units and over 27,000 employees, both military and civilian. The base’s history precedes WWI, however, and is known as being the first site for the experimental flights of Wilbur and Orville Wright. It would later became home to many aeronautical discoveries and even a military training center. When the US entered WWI in 1917, it only made sense to continue to train US pilots on this already established site. As the base evolved, its focus became centered on exploring new ways of bettering our air force technology and therefore, many of its operations became highly classified. Much of what goes on at the base still is “top-secret” and kept out of the public eye. Hangar 18 is one of these “top-secret” installations where speculations about aliens first began.